Atostogų Turkijoje laiką galite dar labiau paįvairinti rūpindamiesi savo išvaizda. Iš tiesų tą gali daryti ir vyrai, ir moterys. Įprasta galvoti, kad atliekamos tik plastinės chirurgijos ir estetikos operacijos, tačiau būdami Antalijoje ar netoli jos (Lara, Kundu, Belekas ar net Kemeras) galite rinktis paprastesnes ar neintervencines grožio procedūras vietos klinikose. Paslaugų pasiūla yra tikrai įvairi.

Prieš renkantis ir užsisakant procedūras, būtinai įvertinkite atostogų laiką, galimybę mėgautis saulės voniomis, maudynėmis jūroje ar baseine ir žinoma dėl to konsultuokitės su specialistais, kad pasirinkti geriausią variantą. Žemiau rasite išvardintas galimas procedūras (anglų kalba) ir nurodytas orientacines kainas, kurios gali kisti pasikeitus valiutos kursui. Susisiekę su klinika (užpildę apačioje esančią formą anglų, rusų arba vokiečių kalba) gausite naujausią informaciją, sužinosite procedūrų atlikimo galimybes ir kitas detales. Puslapio apačioje rasite specialistų procedūrų apibūdinimus (anglų kalba).

Norėdami užsisakyti paslaugas ir gauti daugiau informacijos, užpildykite žemiau esančią formą ir su jumis susisieks specialistai. Nuvykimas iki klinikos savarankiškai arba už papildomą mokestį gali būti organizuotas transportas.

Norėdami užsisakyti paslaugas ir gauti daugiau informacijos, užpildykite žemiau esančią formą ir su jumis susisieks specialistai. Nuvykimas iki klinikos savarankiškai arba už papildomą mokestį gali būti organizuotas transportas.


Botox is a simple, non-surgical procedure that reduces dynamic wrinkles and lines that appear on the face over time.

With a ten-minute application, it blocks the communication between nerves and muscles and thus relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles for up to 4 months.

It starts to take effect in 3-7 days. Since it is a simple, fast procedure that doesn’t require a healing process; work and daily life are not affected after the application.

Which Areas are Botox Applied to?

Especially the lines in the area between the eyes, the lines in the forehead area, and lines of the eyes, which occur due to the movement of the mimic muscles, respond extremely well to Botox treatment. Apart from that, necklines and upper lip can be treated. In addition, Botox is used in the treatment of sweating in the hands, feet, and armpits.

Who Should Apply Botox?

Botox should only be done by dermatologists or plastic surgeons who are familiar with face muscles and facial anatomy. Otherwise, undesirable situations such as dropping of the eyelid may occur.

Just as only a surgeon is authorized to perform an operation, there are specialists authorized by the state for procedures such as botox and fillers.

Having these procedures done by aestheticians in beauty salons can cause very serious side effects.

Most of the incidents that we frequently encounter in the media and that damage the reputation of the botox procedure occur as a result of unauthorized people performing these procedures, using unlicensed products.

How Long Does the Effect of Botox last?

The effects of Botox last up to 4 months. This period may be longer for a lot of patients for whom we apply botox for years.

A person who has had botox for a long time will have fewer wrinkles than if they have never had botox, even after the procedure has lost its effect.

That’s why botox is also used as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Does it Have any Side Effects?

When done by experienced and conscious hands, botox rarely has any side effects. Very rarely, headaches or temporary dropping of the eyelid due to misapplication may occur. There may be slight redness in the injection area that can easily be covered up with make-up.

Does it Hurt?

There is a slight, short-term stinging feeling, which many compare to a mosquito bite. It is a process that takes a maximum of 10 minutes. The pain felt during the procedure varies according to the person but there is no aching after the procedure.

Will My Wrinkles Get Worse if I Don’t Keep on Doing it?

No. The wrinkles slowly turn back to how they were before the procedure, after 4 months.

Which Parts of the Body can Botox be Applied?

In our clinic, botox can be applied on the forehead, between the eyebrows, the lines of the eye, and combined with fillers, it can be applied in the lower parts of the face like the neck, corners of the mouth, and upper lip.


One of the techniques that’s used to shape the face and treat the deep wrinkles in the skin caused by aging is dermal filler injection. Dermal filler injections are much more practical than procedures such as surgery. It is applied in 15 to 30 minutes after small anesthesia, done with numbing creams.

It doesn’t affect the social life or going to work. It can even be done during the lunch breaks.

The procedure shows immediate results, so there is no need to wait for a while to see the result, however, approximately 10 days after the procedure, it reaches a more ideal appearance as it settles.

There is no need for special care after the procedure.

Where can it be Applied?

  • Lines extending from the wings of the nose to the sides of the lips (nasolabial lines)
  • Lines descending from the edges of the lips (marionette lines)
  • Mimic lines on the lip (perioral lines)
  • Deep acne and scars
  • Lip augmentation and contouring
  • Cheekbone and cheek plumping
  • Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Wrinkles on the forehead

How is it Done?

Before starting the filling, we take some photographs of our patient with and without the mimics. We reserve these photographs to show our patients the before-after information at any time. These photographs are not shared with 3rd parties under any circumstances.

To minimize the pain, anesthetic creams are applied to the local area where the filling will be done. Then we wait approximately 30 minutes for the cream to show its effects.

Our doctors interview the patients to learn about their expectations.

After a short consultation, our doctor checks the shape of the patient’s face, muscle density, and skin type.

The injection and the filling material are taken out of the box in front of the patient. If the patient wants to take a copy of the product’s barcode or take a photograph, they are free to do so. (if the patient decides to get the procedure done at another center, they can show this to their doctor.)

The filler inside the injector is applied under the skin. The depth it will go under the skin changes according to the area where the filling is made.

Immediately after the injection, a massage with anti-biotic cream is applied.

How Long is the Application Period? How Long Does It Maintain Its Effect?

A single session takes 15-30 minutes on average. The hyaluronic acid preparation is injected into the middle layer of the skin with a very thin needle.

According to the quality of the filler and the patient’s skin type, it maintains its effect for 8 to 12 months. In areas that move a lot, like lips and mouth, that period may be shorter.

As the amount of fillers applied is increased, the lasting of its effect also increases; but a good balance should be established between the injected amount and the desired aesthetic appearance in order not to disrupt the natural look. As a result of getting regular treatments, the permanence significantly increases.

Lip Fillers

Lip filling is the injection of hyaluronic acid that is identical to human nature into the lips for them to gain volume and make the lips look more beautiful. It is a cosmetic procedure, it does not require surgical intervention.

Lip fillers can be applied for;

  • Plumping the lips
  • Making the lips look younger
  • Shaping the lips, contouring
  • Fixing the deformities on the lips

Anatomically, the upper lip is thinner than the lower lip. The most frequently applied method in lip filling is increasing the volüme of the upper lip and giving it an aesthetic appearance. It can also be applied to achieve flawless lip components.

Under-Eye Light Fillers

It is a cosmetic procedure applied to remove the bruises and puffiness under the eyes, under-eye bags, and under-eye cavities.

Depending on individual metabolism differences, the effect of under-eye light filling is between 9 months and 12 months. It can be easily applied again after its effects disappear


Many factors such as our experiences, pain, happiness; any reaction on our face caused by an emotion, the damages caused by the sun on our skin for many years and environmental pollution, the effect of gravity, cause our skin to lose its elasticity, and cause wrinkles and sagging of the skin, especially in the face oval. As we age, the skin loses its volume.

As time passes by, the gravity causes the nose and eyelids to drop, cheeks to droop, jowl to appear, upper lip to lose its volume, and ears to enlarge.

What is Non-Surgical Face Lift (Thread Lift)?

Basically, it is the process of pulling up the sagging face oval with the help of special threads placed under the skin.

First of all, it should be noted that the threads used for this procedure are special. These threads are made of “polylactic acid“, a substance that dissolves in the skin over time. They may contain small hooks or conical protrusions on the skin so that they can gather and pull the skin more easily.

They are sometimes called Silhouette or Ultra V-Lift. This method is not a complete alternative to the surgical facelift.

They are not as effective if the sagging on the face is too much. But still, they offer an alternative for those who don’t want to go through surgery. They are a good solution for people under 50 whose sagging is not very advanced. The fact that it can be done with local anesthesia and that it doesn’t affect social life are the reasons why it is preferred. This method can be used in neck sagging as well as in correcting breast sagging, lifting the hips, and recovering the sagging of the arms and legs.

How Long Does It Take?

Depending on the number of threads that will be placed, it usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

This procedure is called “lunch break facelift“ abroad. The reason for this is that it takes so little time that it can be completed during the lunch break.

Of course, as simple as it seems, thorough sterilization is vital to prevent possible infections.

How Long do the Effects Last?

The effect of the procedure varies depending on the differences in each person’s metabolism. In general, it takes a few years, but at this point, the level of knowledge, experience, and care of the people you entrust your health with are important.


Mesotherapy is a method of treatment where some medicines including vitamins, enzymes, hormone-like substances, amino-acid cocktails, peptides, nucleotides, anti-oxidants, and herbal extracts are, injected into the facial skin, either singularly or all together.  

For What Purposes Is Mesotherapy Used?

  • Tightening of the skin and increasing its general quality
  • Softening of superficial wrinkles and reducing the rate of new wrinkle formation
  • Reduction of skin spots
  • Regeneration of pale and worn skin caused by smoking and adverse living conditions
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite

Mesotherapy increases blood circulation and reduces inflammation in the skin. One of the purposes of the application is to promote the production of collagen and elastin and to increase the elasticity of the skin.

Where is it Applied?

It can be applied to any area where the patient desires to improve appearance.

Face, neck, cleavage, scalp, and hands are the most popular areas.

How Often is it Done?

Depending on the characteristics of the skin, for ideal results, 3 applications are recommended within the first 3 to 6 weeks. Afterward, the effect is maintained by a maintenance treatment, carried out every 3 to 6 months.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

After the recommended course of treatment is completed, the effect is seen for 6 to 18 months. This period may change depending on the type of problem.

For example, if there is a lack of humidity, the effect may last for 6 months, then slowly decrease and disappear between 8 and 12 months. However, this effect can be much longer with maintenance treatment performed in a single session within the recommended time. If the treatment is made for anti-aging or staining purposes, this period may change according to the level of care taken by the patient.


It is in your hands to make your skin look healthy and beautiful, which is the most exposed organ of our body to external factors. To have healthy, beautiful, bright skin today and to have younger-looking skin tomorrow is only possible with proper skincare practices that are regularly applied by educated people and that you can do at home. Skin Care is a process that is performed with advanced cosmetic products in order to fix and protect the natural balance of the skin. Maintaining the youth and health of the skin for a long time is possible with good care. The main purpose of skincare is to give all skin types a normal, healthy appearance without any problems. The basis of skincare is the correct skin analysis made by a specialist and the suitability of the products used, as well as the following processes, to the skin type.

Stages of skincare include;

  • ·       Deep cleansing of the skin with products that are suitable for your skin
  • ·       Peeling is applied to clean the dead cell layers that have accumulated on the surface of the skin.
  • ·       Vapozone (ozone/steam) for softening the skin, opening the pores, and easy cleaning of blackheads.
  • ·       Cleaning blackheads
  • ·       Massage that revitalizes the skin and increases blood flow
  • ·       Disinfection of the skin, increasing blood circulation, and calming the skin with a high-frequency application
  • ·       A moisture mask or a purifying mask that is suitable for the skin’s needs
  • ·       Feeding daily care products to the skin



The products, called by many different names such as youth elixir, youth vaccine, moisture vaccine, Salmon DNA, H100, are actually hyaluronic acid-based mesotherapy products.

Even though they are shown as different products in the market, these products are basically the same, but they show some small differences in terms of content.

What are the differences between Salmon DNA and H100?

  • These skin rejuvenation cocktails increase the moisture retention capacity of deformed and dehydrated skin.
  • It increases the general quality of the skin by enhancing its elasticity, which has been lost due to several reasons like air pollution, alcohol, cigarettes, a bad diet, UV rays. It increases skin radiance.
  • It prolongs the life of the hyaluronic acid body in the tissue that is naturally found in the human body.
  • It helps the skin to be tighter by supporting the muscle tissue and delays the sagging of the skin.
  • It causes the recycling of the tissues by rejuvenating the skin cells, therefore decreasing and delaying the effects of aging.
  • In people with melasma-type spots, it suppresses the cells that produce spots on the skin and makes the spots lighten.

In Which Areas are the Applications Made?

It is applied to the face, jowl, neck, and cleavage. It is also applied to the scalp in hair loss treatments.

How Often are the Sessions Done?

The most important factors to determine the frequency of the sessions are the type of the skin and its level of deformity. Usually, we suggest 3 applications within 3 to 6 weeks. After that, we provide the continuity of the effects with a protective session every 3 to 4 months.

How Long do the Effects Last?

The effect of Salmon DNA and H100 youth vaccines continue for 12 to 18 months after the recommended treatment is applied.