Bariatric surgeries are for people who have overweight. It should be noted that surgery is only one of many stages in the fight against obesity. Other steps like diet, active and healthy way of of life have not to be forgotten. Bariatric are not cosmetic or simple aesthetic surgeries, so there is a lot of dos and don’ts (before, during and after the surgery) and be sure that You consult a specialist.

There are many bariatric surgeries (gastric resection, gastric bypass, etc.) and only a specialist can advise the most suitable one for you. If you choose bariatric surgery in Turkey (Antalya), you will have a chance of a more pleasant postoperative period. Here are more sunny days a year, it is possible to get seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, as nutrition and well-being after surgery are particularly some of most important factors in the further process of Your weight loss. It takes time.

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