Get Your Smile Back In Antalya

Turkey is usually related to package holiday and especially Antalya to all inclusive concept, but Turkey, including Antalya, has much more to offer. What is the most important that you can combine different parts of your trip at the same time. Do not stick to the plan below, which may be as an example, and create your own trip.

Before making the plan of the trip, contact clinics and get more information about the desired treatment (dental, cosmetology or plastic surgery). You will find contact form at the bottom of this page. Then find out what else can be done during your visit (sports, sightseeing tours, shopping).

Plan your trip booking package tour and choose the hotel in Antalya city or close to it. If you wish you may do it yourself by booking a flight ticket to Antalya airport, later the desired hotel or apartments and finally the transfer (consider taxi as an option for shorter distance). Best area to choose for accommodation would be Lara, Kundu, Konyaalti. In these areas you may find hotels, which are opened all year round, also restaurants, cafeterias, shops, parks etc.

Contact Form


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