Holiday In Turkey This January And February

The province of Antalya in Turkey is known for its mild climate during the summer and winter months. It can be very hot here in summer, but there is no snow or temperatures below zero on the coast during the winter. Sometimes can be more rain over here, but also a lot of sunny days. During the winter months, the resorts of the province of Antalya are popular among elderly or those who do not like the heat, so if there is no heavy rain, then in January or February you can see people swimming in the sea or even sunbathing.

This winter, the average daytime temperature is still around +180 C, but January and February are coldest months of the year so it could be a bit cooler. It is possible to arrive to Antalya by Turkish Airlines or other airlines’ regular  flights (Home city – Istanbul – Antalya – Istanbul – Home city or when you are lucky you may find direct flights of Sunexpress or Pegasus airlines). Definitely it is better to choose more than a week of holiday. Also, when choosing return flights from Turkey, you may consider a longer stopover in Istanbul (or even with an overnight stay) and this will be an opportunity to explore the amazing city.

In Antalya, I offer the hotel “Melas Lara“. There is an agreement on good conditions and competitive accommodation prices. Below you will find my video about this hotel. The video is made for yoga camps and I speak lithuanian, but you can see the rooms, the area and there are subtitles in english. The hotel is very close to Antalya Airport, but without too much noise of landing airplanes tho and situated on the seafront area, so it doesn’t take too much time to arrive and check in here after the flight. The hotel also offers airport transfers at good rates.

Currently, there are some restrictions and curfew on weekends (this does not apply to tourists) in Turkey, so there is some limited entertainment, but on weekdays you can choose some excursions, which are even better in winter because there is no heat (Pamukkale, Cappadocia). It is even possible to drive to the Davraz ski resort, which takes around two hours or choose a passive stay in a hotel with an all-inclusive meal system. You can work out in the gym, use outdoor or indoor heated pools, practice sports or yoga in a green area or on the beach. Shopaholics may wander in some shopping malls.

If you wish to book a hotel, Please CONTACT ME. The offer is suitable for individual travelers as well as for families or groups.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! A negative PCR test result is required on arrival in Turkey and must be submitted before boarding (at departure airport before boarding aircraft or at check in desk) and not earlier than 72 hours until the time of arrival in Turkey. A PCR test may be in approved laboratories in Turkey before departure from Turkey if required in the country of arrival (otherwise you may be denied boarding).

Melas Lara Hotel


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