Autumn & Winter Trips To Turkey

Turkey is one of the top travel destinations for many travelers from countries of Europe because of equality of the price and quality. The variety of travel product here is amazing. Almost everyone could find what he is searching for: beaches, good hotels, history, nature, culture, sea trips, extreme trips, trekking, rich cuisine, museums and art galleries. Turkey is a country, which saw many civilizations and historical even prehistorical periods: stone age, Hattian. Akkadian, Assyrian, Hittite, Greek, Persian, Armenian, Byzantine, seljuks, ottomans, christianity, islam, paganism etc. Talking about nature, here you may find mountains, rivers, lakes, sea (even not one). All the list may continue adding something to it. So Turkey is not only Istanbul and hotels on the beach with all inclusive system. It is much more. But without doubt the best connection with country are biggest cities and their main airports. If you want cosmopolitan amazing megapolis vibe – go to Istanbul. Give yourself enough time not only see, but also feel and taste the city. Museums, galleries, restaurants or meyhane (kind of tavern), go to the islands or just enjoy cruise of Bosphorus. You may stay in historical part of the city or your choice may be luxury hotels. Anything is possible here. The city is also well known for beauty travel.

Antalya is one of the biggest cities situated on the shore of Mediterranean sea. Mostly visited on summer, but should not be forgotten on winter too. Why? Because the weather here on winter is much better than in most of European countries, prices of the hotels are going down, but still you may enjoy food, pamper yourself in a SPA, most of the days enjoy sun or even swim in the sea. If you are not a person who spends time in a hotel there are so many options do it outside. You may visit historical sites around, the old city of Antalya is amazing. There are companies, which organize trekking tours on winter. The are some “must see“ places such as Pamukkale and Cappadocia. First may take one day, another two or three days. If you come to Antalya on winter months, you may go for skiing even. Only two and a half hours from the city and you are in Davraz ski resort. Yes it is not like Austria or Switzerland, but prices here are also not austrian or swiss. That is why sometimes you may hear people saying that if you have holidays in Antalya, you may ski and swim in the sea the same day.

I work with licensed tourism companies, which may fulfill your dreams. The flight takes only few hours and you may enjoy sun again (Istanbul is different story talking about sun in winter 😀 ).

First step you can do yourself – book the flight. There are some companies, flying all year round to Antalya from Germany, Poland, England, Netherlands, Norway. When you are in Antalya or Istanbul private transfers may be organized. Even transfer you can book yourself if you wish here. But if you wish someone to take care of you here, let us do it for you and transfer with hotel will be organized by us. When you come with a group of people – friends, family or colleagues, you may have excursions tailor made especially for you.

If you are the manager or the owner of travel agency you may contact me for cooperation as well.

If you have special holiday requests, fantasies, wishes or needs, you might find the answer here in Turkey.

Think about holiday, great time, good feelings and emotions. It is Turkey.

You may contact me here.


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