Hair Transplant In Turkey

Hair transplant have been performed for quite some time and in various countries. The price and quality of the performed procedures differ from country to country, the amount of services and procedures offered before and after the procedure too, also the experience of the specialists performing the operations, as well as the duration of the trip. Many hair transplant procedures have been successfully done in Istanbul, Turkey. The procedures in Istanbul are significantly cheaper than in many European countries, and the quality is good or very good. Usually latest technologies are being used for hair transplant in Turkey’s clinics. Clinics also offer special packages to their clients.

If you are interested in high quality services at a good price, then fill out the form below and contact the clinic. Please note that various hair transplant surgeries can include mustache and beard as well as eyebrows. Not only men but also a number of women apply for hair transplant operations.

What does the package offer?

The standard operation costs 2200€, but in this pandemic period due to some extra mandatory tests the cost is 2350€. The amount is to be paid cash or by credit card.
(If paying by card we would prefer you make sure that your Data Roaming is ON in Turkey, as you will receive a SMS to confirm the payment)

What does the price include?

1. Exclusive sterilized VIP transfers (Private Transfers) between Istanbul airport, hotel, and hospital.
(flights are not included)
2. Three (3) nights accommodation in Sheraton City Center Hotel 5 *, just 4 minutes walking distance from the hospital (anyhow we provide the free shuttle no need to walk of course), breakfast, and wi-fi are included.
3. The operation is performed in our JCI certified hospital.
4. All necessary blood tests (HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, COVID-19 in this exclusive pandemic period).
5. PRP treatment (treatment by Plasma).
6. All necessary medication (Pain killers – Antibiotic – Anti swelling -Aspirine- Stomach protector) with shampoo, lotion, exclusive pillow, and a hat, full medical kit.
7. Washing your hair, then clarifying the best way to take care of your hair on the third day.
8. Translation for your preferred language.
9. Operation Medical Report (Guarantee).
Note: Before the clinic was hosting patients for 2 nights, but not anymore because there is a need to do extra tests.

For everyone’s safety and good results, clinic never accepts any COVID-19 patients till they are healthy again, therefore hair transplant journey is summarized into the following steps

First day:
• Arrival to Istanbul, transfer from the airport to the hospital.
• Doing the following 2 different sections of the important necessary tests:
First tests: Hemogram (18 Parameter) tests & checking if there are any chronic dangerous diseases (HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, or Syphilis).
Second tests: Special Coronavirus COVID-19 tests in this pandemic period till we pass it safely, the tests also including:
* CRP blood test
* COVID-19 antibodies blood test )
* COVID-19 Swab Test (nose & mouth) which assures patient’s health.
• Hotel check-in.

Second day:
• Arranging a check-up consultation in clinic (General health Examination by a specialized doctor by checking fever, lungs examination, analyzing the blood test result).

• if all your results are clear and negative then your Hair transplant consultation will be done: drawing the first hairline and discussing the possibilities of clinic’s advised hair transplant treatment plan.
• Explaining everything related to the operation, medications etc & addressing all your questions.
• Relaxing at the hotel.

Third day:
• Hair Transplant procedure after having all tests results which have been done in the previous day
• Starting doing the operation which takes 6-7 hours in the full sterilized hygienic clinic’s Hair Transplant department.
• Injecting PRP treatment once the procedure is finished.
• Relaxing at the hotel & visiting the hospital upon needing.

Fourth day:
• Removing the bandage & Washing your hair at the hospital, then arranging the transfer back to the airport.

In order to contact the clinic please fill in the form below

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