Business Trips, MICE and meetings with businessmen in Turkey

Turkey is a great choice for business travel and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Events) organizers. And I am talking about almost the whole Turkey, where there hotels are. Which region or city to choose depends primarily on the logistics (the size of the event, where the event participants come from), as well as on the purpose or goals of the event. For example in Istanbul events from the smallest to the largest can be organized all year round, there are business class hotels with conference and event rooms, and catering facilities focused on this. During the winter, major events take place in hotels of the Antalya region, which do not close after the summer season ends up, as during the summer season these hotels are more holidaymakers oriented. Other regions have their own specifics. I suppose even in the famous Cappadocia region there are hotels suitable for larger events, but the number of participants may be limited. On the other hand, there are definitely lots of unique entertainment possibilities here in your spare time. Various business fairs (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tourism, medicine, etc.) take place in major cities. Seaside hotels are often chosen by seminar organizers who provide training and presentations. Also here are more hotels with larger outdoor spaces for additional activities.
Turkey has a population of over eighty million people, huge industry, business giants and a large number of businessmen are coming to establish business relations for both import and export purposes. Due to lower labor costs, the products here are often significantly cheaper, may be economic level or even very high quality. Transportation to and from Turkey is more convenient and shorter than from more distant countries, and there is a great number of advantages in trade with the European Union.
In Turkey, I cooperate with several companies that can help organize various business trips, as well as events and conferences of various sizes all year round. These events may include not only business, but sport events too. Charter flight arrivals can be arranged at international airports of Turkey. Charter domestic flights can also be arranged during the event when needed.
Contact me for cooperation in organizing events, training, business trips or meetings with local businessmen in various Turkish regions (cities)


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