Beauty Clinic In Istanbul

Turkey is usually associated with relaxing holiday at seaside resorts, funny or even extreme mountain tours, visiting ancient cities. In fact, the historical heritage of this country is undeniably great, nature is extremely rich, but Turkey also offers many other things and far more than All Inclusive holidays. One of the most advanced is medical tourism, related to the beauty industry. It is no secret that in Turkey, both women and men often surrender to the will of doctors to more or less “adjust” their appearance: nose, lips etc. This industry has been booming for many years, there is a number of clinics, specialists which started in Istanbul and lately it started expanding in other cities. What attracts a large number of foreigners – especially from European countries – to come to Turkey? I should say that the price and quality of service. Also, the flight duration to Istanbul from many European countries takes up to a few hours or even a short time. Flights are all year round.

The clinic, located on Bağdat Street in the heart of the Asian part of the city, was established by two excellent specialists in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Here patients are treated with following procedures such as: blepharoplasty (eyelids), rhinoplasty (nose), otoplastic (ears), various breasts, liposuction, abdominal press highlighting, abdominoplasty, implant placement and other operations. Patients are initially contacted remotely before preparing for such surgeries. Once an agreement is reached after the remote consultation, planning for the patient’s trip begins. You need to arrange a flight to Istanbul with all the necessary travel documents. Afterwards, there is a choice of various packages offered by the clinic when you stay in certain hotels, your transfers from the airport, as well as to the clinic and the hotel are taken care of. If you wish, you can book the hotel you want yourself.

The clinic is located right next to the most famous shops and supermarkets, so you can combine your trip with other pleasures or needs before the surgery. Before that, if you are first time in Istanbul, you can visit the most famous sights of the city. The sightseeing tours may be organized as well and it would be unforgettable trip.

If you just want to slightly adjust your facial features, then you can opt for mesotherapy, lip fillers, botox, plasma lifting and other little procedures. If you chose these procedures, you would spend just a little time in the clinic and it could only be a small part of your trip to Turkey or Istanbul. Could be enriched with cup of Turkish tea or coffee. Pre-booking would be required, but you might be able to do this even before you go on a trip to Istanbul.

There are two great surgeons of this clinic: Dr. Hakan Gence and Dr. Kamran Efendioğlu

To contact a clinic for a consultation on surgery or a facial beauty procedure, fill out the form below. I would like to point out that when planning a surgery, you should keep in mind that you will spend at least five days in Istanbul.

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